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Bad face-lifts

Odd face lifts 

Scary changes in celebrity face-lifts

Bad Botox results

Daughter dies from Botox

Mother injects Botox into 8 year old

FOUR children are among 16 people whose deaths have been linked to Botox-type jabs, it emerged last night. The muscle-relaxing poison, used to fight wrinkles, apparently spread through the under18s? bodies. Another 87 people have needed hospital care:

Alternatives to Fitface


Exercise your face
to build healthy muscles, fresh looking glowing skin
and a toned bright animated face
choose an expensive superficial cream
that only scratches the surface
- the top two layers are dead skin cells -
become addicted to cosmetic procedures.
Be them Botox, fillers, laser or surgery.

None last forever, some just days, others weeks, some months and others - even implants - need replacement and drop with gravity overtime.

Eliminate the stress, pain and expense from your life, get off the treadmill of ineffectual unnecessary procedures or better still don't get on the roundabout in the first place.

Start exercise today - from the neck up.

FITFACE vs the alternatives

Fitface is  Safe


'Needles or Knives' both have real risks
  • you definitely will experience pain, swelling and bruising
  • you probably  will experience lumps, bleeding, scaring or numbness
  • you could experience infection, nerve damage,  sereoma or complications
  • or worse ......
the cost of each alternative is vastly different 
in more ways than just money

Long term
 face-lifts - thins skin and weaken muscles
injections - increase wrinkles and weaken muscles

the choice is yours

Make the right choice
100% safe to remove wrinkles
100% risk free prevent wrinkles
100% natural way to firm your face

Botox & fillers are addictive

Botox can cause brain damage

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