Facial toning exercises tone facial muscles
"Don't use em and you'll lose em"
Your muscles will atrophy, 
they will get small or almost disappear! 


The natural face-lift

Fun - Fast - Easy

The "How to" of facial exercises for the best face exercises.

The only "hands free" facial toning exercises.  

Other face exercises encourage putting pressure on the delicate facial skin and pulling against them. 

Fitface does not support damaging fragile facial tissues in any way. 

Fitface for your fit face.

Exercise is great for the body because it promotions the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells via the bloodstream.

The head/face contains the brain, sensory organs of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Therefore it stands to reason that the head/face should be the number one part of the body to exercise!

Fitface Seminar
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Fitface benefits

Beauty doesn't have to cost a fortune

facial toning works

its not an addictive drug

Tones facial muscles 

The facial muscles are connected to both the skin and the bone which forms a ‘cushion’ on which the skin rests. By stimulating the muscles through exercise the underlying cushion is plumped up. If this cushion is worn-out, compressed or not consistent in thickness the skin will look sullen, deflated and lifeless, consequently not looking its best. With toning exercises the muscle mass will be maintained, it can also be increased. 
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
Dormant, undernourished, lazy, essentially relaxed facial muscles sink and fall with time by the effects of gravity. The overlying attached skin falls and sinks with them, thereby over many years creating facial wrinkles and folds. By gradually and continually working out your facial muscles your skin will not be able to fall into sunken grooves to form wrinkles because few grooves or folds will have formed.
Smooths and firms facial tissue reducing droopy skin
It is imperative that you condition your facial musculature or your muscles will become slack and lax with the result that the overlying skin becomes saggy, baggy and crepe like. One of the major causes of sagging facial skin is a loss of muscles tonicity (mass). By exercising your jaw, cheeks and neck muscles you will tone up your facial muscles, therefore indirectly pulling and firming up your skin.
Promotes collagen production giving your face the bloom of youth 
Stimulation by exercise of the micro circulatory network carries nourishment to the skin in the face and influences the production of collagen, a kind of connective tissue that plumps up your skin. This stimulus of the fibroblasts or collagen-producing cells in the skin, gives your face elasticity and a radiant glow, the bloom of youth. As we age fibroblasts become fewer and lazy causing the skin to become less firm, drier and even more wrinkled.
Improves circulation bringing out the skin's natural luster
The increased blood flow to all areas brings back natural collagens, elastins, vitamins and nutrients, naturally occurring in the blood stream, to the dermis and epidermis giving one a vibrant radiance. Improved circulation leads to a bright complexion and improved detoxification as debris and damaged cells are removed. The skin regains its natural luster. 
Relieves the appearance of daily stress making the skin glow 
Just like after doing any other form of exercise, after you have completed your routine, you will feel energized and acquire a healthy glow. The worked out muscles will continue to work just a little more efficiently even after you have ceased stimulating them with exercise. Confidence, learning anything new is an accomplishment. By looking better, healthier and more radiant you will feel better adding to your well being, self esteem and self-assurance, gaining confidence everyday. Bonus benefits Eyesight may improve or at least not degrade at such its regular pace. Ninentendo DS has launched in Japan a game to improve eyesight which is basically exercising the muscles of the face and eyes.
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