Thursday 11 July 2011
Babies are less able to understand the subtle forms of communications from a mother using Botox, they become anxious and frustrated by their inability to communicate.
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we need to change the LAW

Mother injects Botox into 8 year old child

There is research that indicates that frequent Botox injections make mimic muscles weaker than natural aging would.
 This is why the procedure is not recommended for young people". 

Challenge yourself
Fitface 8 week Challenge

Have you the time to look younger?

Have you the energy
 to commit to 15 mins a day
to stay looking younger?

This is me and I am almost 60!
Well okay 2 & 1/2 years to run.

No deep wrinkles, yet and hopefully never at the opera on the lake in Bregnez this year. I have more wrinkly hands.

The photos below are an assortment of me,
this year 2013.

The first on the left shows me with my daughter wearing too much make-up. The one beside it shows us celebrating her birthday in Sydney. The one in the pool is with no make up, not too wrinkly for 57 despite being a sun worshiper - I know but I can't help myself!
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