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New supplementary book

Fitface Foundations

ISBN 978-1463665685

Only contains all the exercises extracted from  Fitface
"Hands free facial toning"
without all the  extra information on
How to look younger 
How to get a glowing skin 
How to erase wrinkles 
What to eat
How to look fabulous


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There are now 
3 Fitface Books to choose from

The first and the best selling is

Hands Free
Facial Toning Exercises

The cheapest with just the exercises from the above book

Fitface Foundations

The newest with updated information and some different quicker exercises

Fitface Facial Exercises
The book on Face and neck exercises


Fitface - (printed book)
Hands Free Facial Toning Exercises

UK order from

Latest printed edition
978-1453777831 USA
978-0-615-42244-2 UK

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