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  • How to erase wrinkles
  • How to make your skin glow
  • How to look more youthful
  • How to do facial exercises

Biography Charlotte Hamilton

About the Author

Born and raised in England. Charlotte immigrated to California USA in her early twenties. There she witnessed first-hand the butchery of a major face-lift to her former partner and vowed never to have a face-lift. Instead she looked into face exercises, books on facial exercises and viewed exercises practised on TV in the 1980's by TV personalities like Jack LaLanne the American Exercise guru.

Following the breakup of her marriage she returned to England to raise her new baby daughter. With time on her hands she began to practise face exercises. Eighteen years later, her daughter suffered a horrendous near fatal accident in which she sustained major facial trauma with 21 fractures to her face. She survived, graduated with an honors degree and now lives in Australia. This made Charlotte study the face, facial structures and the whole subject of facial exercise, cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic procedures more closely. Eventually publishing her findings in her first hands-free exercise book Fitface in 2008. 

Charlotte returned to live in Florida, USA. In 2010 her mother sustained a fall and therefore she has returned permanently to the UK and resides in the south of England. However, she frequently visits both the USA and her daughter in Australia. 

Charlotte loves to hear from readers and will endeavor to answer every single e-mail. 

Charlotte at 18

Late twenties in California

Charlotte on her 40th

Charlotte 50's in West Palm Beach Florida

Australia 25th December 2010

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