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2008 clip of Charlotte Hamilton
 author of Fitface & Karen
having fun with Fitface face and neck exercises

Fitface facial toning instructor training video clip
 is presented to you by Karen Romani VP of Training
at Fitface Toning Inc. 
She explains how easy, fun, lucrative and rewarding it s
 to expand your professional fitness qualifications
 to become a certified Fitface Toning Instructor
 to teach Fitface to others.
 Karen explains the Home Study Course,
offering advice and one-on-one training in Fitface
 techniques to help you should you need it.

Fitface Exercise Videos

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Dr. Christian Jessen - plastic surgeon and a TV personality (July 2010) Warns of the risks of cosmetic surgery in 


“1 in 5 are more miserable after surgery than before”

Eye Exercises are mandatory for school age children (twice daily) in China.

 Professor Stuart Warden - Director Physical Therapy Research, Indiana Uni

(New York Times - Sept 2009)

 “The stresses of exercise activate a particular molecular pathway that increases collagen; which leads to stronger connective tissues in the dermis, and thus, fewer wrinkles and younger-looking skin”

 Dr. R. Ray- Washington, DC (July 2010)

“Regarding face exercises, I completely agree that a lot can be done to change the structural appearance of the face through muscular exercise not just in the context of aging, but as an alternative to some of the plastic surgery that has been getting more popular. Actually, I imagine it would produce a more psychologically comfortable outcome, since I imagine people would feel the same sense of ownership, that it is still their face, rather than a face that has been surgically engineered”

 Dr. Anonymous Beverly Hills - plastic surgeon and a TV personality (2008)

“I do support the use of facial exercises.  They work!  However, I do many face-lifts when the age has gone past the ability of exercises to make the difference”

Face exercise works

Fitface works the best


DON’T expect to see Sigourney Weaver booking a consultation with her plastic surgeon.

The Avatar star, 60, thinks cosmetic procedures are unnatural — and especially silly if you’re an actress.

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