Fitface is divided into two parts.

The first half - is all about information:
 "Why and how" facial exercise 
rejuvenates your face
   the second half -
 shows you "how to  do"
Fitface "hands free" facial toning.

 Part 1

Why Fitface?

It is educational and informative. Fitface takes you back to the basics, to explore the science behind facial skin, focusing on facial muscles, how they work, building collagen, why we age and how to prevent it.

Fitface takes a no-nonsense in depth look at the alternatives to facial exercises – namely needles or knives and answers all the really important questions like "Where does Botox really go to?”  "Will I scar from a face-lift?” “Can I die from a facelift?” “What if something goes wrong?”

Charlotte delves into the myths of the billion dollar industry of cosmeceuticals and explains why some (most) creams don't work, can't work and won't work; as well as a  look into the world of the weird and wacky from - skull lifts to vitamin IV's - which are all the rage in Japan. Fitface touches on celebrity images and motivates you to think positively about your own self image.

 Part 2

Fitface programs

Is where the serious fun and work begins. Fitface motivates and guides you through the 3 step program starting with the easy Fitface basic routine. Each step takes you further, learning over 60 new exercises ALL with photographs and easy instructions to guide you through. There are four routines in total ranging in difficult from beginner to advanced student. In no time at all Fitface face exercises will become second nature to you and both you and your friends will notice the change.

Many chapters are summarized at the end of each chapter and in the very last chapter, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle is summed up in the Final Words. 

Fitface and the "message" is all about "Owing your own face, taking real responsibility for who you are and what you look like. Fitface is therefore not only physically rewarding but it is also psychologically rewarding. You will not only look wonderful with Fitface face firming exercise but you will feel great too! 

Lastly, but by no means least there are hundreds of references at the back of the book for you, if you feel so inclined, to research further into the world of facial fitness, surgery or any other of the subjects covered.


Fitface Foundations: Face Exercises

Exercises only - extracted from Fitface



Sample book Page

Fitface works
The same as any exercise
follow the 
face and neck exercises
to transform your face

An example of  the books' content
 - just one of the face and neck exercise-
(there are  over 60 more face exercises with photos)

look inside Amazon - Volume 2 with photographs


12 Pouches

TARGET Neck, jowls & under chin

1. Ensure that your neck is long and relaxed before gently dropping your head backwards

2. Push your tongue up into the roof of your mouth.

3. Hold for approximately 20 seconds, release your tongue

4. Bring your head into the upright position.

    Repeat twice


You may not be able to hold this position for 20 seconds. For example: If you can only manage a 10 second hold,  just repeat the exercise four times instead of a total of 3 times.


 Frequently asked questions

By far the most commonly asked question is:

What exercise can I do for this?

My clients say that, while pointing to a part of their face, most often the neck. I explain that, as with any exercise, muscles work in unison. You cannot go into a gym and point to your right upper arm and ask “What can I do for this”?

You must first understand and accept that the facial muscles work together like body muscles. In actuality more so, as facial muscles are not only attached to bone (as in the rest of the body) but also, in most cases to the skin. Look back at how the mouth works and the interconnections it has with several other muscles especially of the cheeks. Many of the facial muscles can work independently but should be worked together for symmetry.

I strongly recommend a visit to or the link to that site from my website to understand more. 

Fitface toning has been designed to work all the neck and facial muscles and not just one, although you can elect to include extra exercises to concentrate on your specific problem area or areas.

 Are facial toning exercises new?



Several facial exercise firming programs have been around during the last 30 years, ranging from educational books to different devices. The advocates of facial exercises agree that if you continue the program, the results will pay off. Massage and facial exercise regimes are preventative measures for stimulating muscles to keep the skin in place so that you can stay looking fabulous forever.


Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science which uses massage and facial exercises as the key to delay the aging process and help prevent wrinkles.

 Are Fitface toning hands free facial exercises new?



Fitface toning techniques are a new approach to facial rejuvenation from Europe. The significant difference between the “old way” of performing facial exercises and the new Fitface toning exercises are different to others in that NO finger tip pressure is applied to the face while toning. Personally, I do not advocate touching the skin while toning. With Fitface the delicate facial skin is not pulled backwards and stretched beyond its natural elastic limits. All Fitface toning programs are hands free.


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